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Women and Strength

Women are raised in a world that dictates what it means to be fit. Cardio crazy, calorie counting and light weights rule women’s health magazines, commercials, and fad tied trends. Media declares that “skinny is sexy”. Strength is defined as masculine on the front of men’s magazines and weight lifting will make you “bulky”. This could not be more false.

Besides this obviously unhealthy attitude of what it means for women to be fit and healthy, this intonation places the highest value on body image and not overall health. Girls this day in age have more body image issues and eating disorders than ever before, striving to get the perfect body, based off what society has deemed beautiful. Examples, range from what are the Kardashians eating to how to work out and eat like a Victoria’s Secret model.

Women are led to believe that looking thin and skinny is the end goal of exercise and sports. In 2012, CrossFit exploded on to the scene, and has since been transforming the ideology of women and strength. Changing the way women view strength and fitness.

These ideas of “toning”, “tightening” and cycles of different fad diets reflect that “fitness” has been used as a marketing term to sell products to women, to keep us buying into the next fad and sending us on a perpetual quest for the unattainable. Input, yo yo weight gain and weight loss here.

But for strong women, CrossFitters in particular, nothing is impossible. Females across the globe have banned that there are limits on the physical abilities of women and explored the amazing accomplishments of strength and agility that our bodies are capable of and have found that they can do more than look good. We are commanding, self-assured and ambitious.

Female CrossFitters and strong women take pride in their community and always are there to help others work towards and achieve their goals. Women love learning new skills each time they step in the gym. Women now, love the idea of lifting heavy even though the magazines are saying that we shouldn’t. We now laugh at the thought of only eating 1,000 calories a day and running for 2 hours on the treadmill. We eat the calories that our body craves to build muscle and pick up that barbell with the utmost confidence. Each and every day we grow mentally and physically STRONGER.

CrossFit has blown away the ideology that you now have to lift, tone, and do boat loads of cardio. We now stand side by side and cheer each other on, no matter what age, size or shape you are! We are the new definition of fitness. Breaking the mold, us ladies have reworked all of those misguided ideas of fitness and embrace being healthy, strong, powerful individuals in society.

The idea of strength comes from, hours and hours of sweat and hard work, setting new PR’s and of course the support of people who have the mindset like you. We refuse to let media define us! Although every woman begins their journey at different times in their life…they all have one thing in common, setting goals, and pushing herself every day until they achieve it and shout it across the gym floor!

Strength can be seen in the way women walk in to the gym. They exude confidence and are not afraid to take on the world, or even the WOD for that day. Every accomplishment in the gym feeds on that confidence and when each woman steps up to the kettlebell, barbell, or pull-up rig there is one message left: us women are setting that bar high for future generations of females, and all eyes are on us! Bring it on!