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Wednesday 10/9

Frequency Fitness Mount Pleasant – CROSSFIT WORKOUT OF THE DAY


*Increase weight as technique remains
*Record heaviest weight used
*15 minute clock

15 Minute AMRAP
P1 – 200m KB Farmers Carry
P2 – 20 Glute Bridges then AMRAP weighted ABMAT Sit-ups

*To be done with a partner

Beg – 26/15lb
Int – 35/26lb
Adv – 53/35lb

Frequency Fitness Mount Pleasant – METCON WORKOUT OF THE DAY

25 Minute AMRAP
8 TRX Pull-ups
8 Box Step-ups
8 Rotational Chops
8 Double-unders
200m Run

*Increase reps by 2 every round
*Run stays the same

Finisher (For Completion)
10 Partner Push-ups w/Hand Tap
20 Partner Leg Raises (each)
30 Synchro Jump Squats

*5 minute time cap