The holidays are behind us, the celebrations have died down and now the new years resolutions are in full swing. Most of us like to set health and fitness goals so that we can begin the prep for the much awaited beach, bikini, and boat season. Summer days are on the way and so is that six pack. Am I right?

Whether you want to lose weight for confidence reasons or because you want to improve your overall health; weight loss is a long journey and the weight loss part is only the first chapter. Once you have reached that weight goal, it is now another task just to keep it off! Maintaining that figure you just developed after lots of hard work takes persistence and dedication.  Below are a few tips to help combat yo-yo weight gain/weight loss.

Write it all down or log it in your nutrition.

Tracking everything you eat leads to more weight loss statistics show. Not only because you can track your progress but it makes you more aware of everything that you are putting in your mouth. Sometimes, even taking a picture of your food so that you can reflect on your successes or failures and can help you become more cognizant of if you are sabotaging yourself with over sized portions or junk food.

Try to re-route your thinking.

Instead of telling people you are on a diet, instead let them know that you are making a healthy lifestyle change. This will perpetuate the good nutrition habits you are beginning to undertake. If you are on a balanced diet that leaves you not feeling starved or deprived of something you love. This will help keep you motivated to eat better. Fad diets and trends usually are unrealistic long term because they are too restrictive and virtually impossible to sustain longer term.  As soon as the diet stops, you begin to pack the pounds right back on. (Sad face) If you are struggling with ideas on what to eat, when, and portion sizes, and the grocery store leaves you scratching your head…check out our FitBody Nutrition program and one of our nutrition coaches can help you get started!

Find an exercise routine that excites you.

If you find exercise painful and you would rather watch paint dry…then you are definitely not doing the right thing. Try to find a program that helps you to forget that you are actually exercising. There are hundreds of ways to get moving these days. If yoga seems to boring, try out a Boot Camp class. If a Boot Camp class seems a little too intense, join a cycling club or try your hand at cardio kick boxing. If you maybe have joint pain even something less impactful like swimming or Zumba class might be more your speed! There is something out there for everyone. Get out there, explore and find your niche. Without exercise, it will be difficult to maintain all of that hard work. Just remember, with any exercise routine you choose, don’t jump in head first. Try to begin slow and build up your strength and endurance over a long duration so that you do not burn out after the first week. Even taking the dogs on a walk or hike will get your heart rate up and burn calories like any other exercise.

If any of this seems a little confusing, talk to a fitness or health coach or even your general practitioner and they should be able to recommend a routine that best suites you and your lifestyle!



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