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Thursday 1/16

Frequency Fitness Mount Pleasant – CROSSFIT WORKOUT OF THE DAY

A. Single Arm DB Split Jerk x5 L/R
F: 1DB Push Press x8 reps L/R side
P/S: as Rx

Handstand Push-ups (Strict): Max Reps
F: 2DB Z Press; 1010 tempo;
P: Strict HSPU
S: Deficit, 45/25 Plates

B. Double Tabata; Push Up/Sit Up
Tabata Push Up; Low Score
Tabata Sit Up; Low Score

Frequency Fitness Mount Pleasant – METCON WORKOUT OF THE DAY

20 min AMRAP
Buy in… 2 min Hollow Hold / Tuck Hold

8 Glute Bridge DB Floor Press @ tempo 30X2
16 Flying Lunges
8 SA Ring Row @ tempo 30X1 (ea.)
16 DB Reverse Lunges

Cash out… 2 min Side Plank (switch sides @ 1 min)

  • Cash out happens at 20 min mark

“DB Randy”
75 Alt. DB Power Snatches

F – Choose weight w/focus on technique | 50 reps
P – 35/25lb
S – 45-50/35lb

  • Goal time: < 6 min