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Rid Yourself of Negative Nancy

Do you ever catch yourself, or others around you, being overly critical, judgmental, or full of fear? Having negative thoughts are normal but too many of them can be detrimental to your health & well being. Negative thoughts breed self-doubt, dissatisfaction  and clutter your mind.

If you are constantly the “glass is half empty kind of person”….

I challenge you to take control of your thoughts this week. When a negative thought enters your mind, write it down. Seeing these things in black & white can make it crystal clear where your head is at and bring clarity to just how damaging these thoughts are to your health & happiness.

You’ll be surprised when you think negatively and how often it can be. It’s not because you are trying to be negative, it just so happens that you are programmed that way after years of not noticing. Negativity is a thought pattern. And we all know, patterns can be broken!

Next, I challenge you to combat these thoughts and replace them with POSITIVE ones. Positive affirmations like, “Everyday I’m working to become a better person” can have a strong impact on building your self-esteem & overall confidence. Repeat this positive self-talk DAILY. Put post-its beside your bed, in your car, in your office – try to see this reinforcement at least 3x per day to get it through that hard head of yours!

See all of you Positive Polly’s in the gym!