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The Quest for a Six Pack

What’s Up Everyone?!

As my journey to becoming the best version of myself continues, I ran in to a fitness page on Facebook run by a lovely and knowledgeable English gentleman named James Smith. I have been very intrigued with his videos lately and it inspired me to put my thoughts down as well as share his video.

Growing up, we see health and fitness magazines, TV shows, and now social media glorifying the idea and image of the perfect body. What do all of these professional athletes and models have in common? Most showcase a lean a chiseled six pack. Every time we see this, we are lead to believe that a six pack is the end goal. We all work our butts off in the gym to reach visible abs. I know I do. I have been obsessed with this notion all of my life. I remember talking to multiple coaches tell them that this was my goal. I still have trouble letting it go today. Now, I’ll explain to you why letting it go may be the healthiest idea long term.

In James’ video (which I have linked at the bottom), he gives us a snapshot of of what it means to achieve that rock solid core. He explains to us, forget dinners and drinks with friends, forget birthday cakes, forget relationships. social lives, etc. These elite level athletes and Instagram models do achieve these abs and they sacrifice a lot to get there.

But, here’s the kicker. They don’t have these abs for long, maybe a few weeks, or just enough time to reach peak fitness for the CrossFit games or the photo shoot they have scheduled but they do not maintain this year long. It is not sustainable, it is only to reach their short term goal. Maybe they do it a couple times a year, or long enough to take pictures (in a few different outfits) to post on Instagram for the next 4-6 months but that’s it!

Trying to maintain a healthy mind, body and soul is already hard enough. Once you get there. Let that be it! If you want to miserably rock your body to that low of a body fat percentage that’s fine. But trying to think that the six pack “look” is attainable for the long term is ludicrous. Of course, there are those unicorns that can genetically sustain a six pack no matter what they eat or how they exercise. But, sadly, we can’t all be sparkly magical unicorns, go out there and be you, there is no one in the world like you, so be the best you that you can be!

For more on the six pack debacle…click here =====> https://www.facebook.com/pg/JamesSmithTraining/videos/?ref=page_internal