Between late-night BBQs, afternoon summer cocktails, and lounging on the beach, it’s easy to lose sight of the importance of year-round fitness – but the fix is straightforward.

With all of the great workouts you can enjoy on weekends; there is still time to find the perfect balance between staying healthy and treating yourself. Check out our favorite outdoor exercise activities!

1. Stand-Up Paddleboarding

If you’re already a fan of cross-training routines (which you are ;)) that challenge your balance and core, then stand-up paddleboarding (also known as SUP) will definitely be up your alley. This is a perfect summer workout that challenges the body and provides a scenic view of the horizon and the relaxing ambiance of the water.

Many local Charleston beaches and piers offer rentals by the day or by the hour, making it a convenient activity for a large group. All you need is a board and paddle, and you can hit the water. Remember to focus on your core and balance!

2. Hiking

There aren’t many trails to hike in the local Charleston area, but a short drive away and you can be hiking the mountain trails of Asheville. Hitting the trail helps to build muscle, clear your head, and invites in some fresh air. What better way to challenge your body than with a moderate-intensity hike up the mountain.

An hour hike can burn over 350 calories and will challenge and tone your muscles when you’re trekking on an incline. Pack yourself a healthy lunch, and have some fun!

3. Bike Riding

A good bike ride will torch up to 500 calories an hour, is gentle on the environment, and a total body workout. Taking your bike out for a spin this summer is becoming more popular for men and women of all ages.

Safety Tip: Don’t forget to stay in your bike lane, wear reflective gear at night, and use turn signals. Google even offers bike maps of metropolitan areas to help you stay safe in traffic-congested areas!

4. Beach Volleyball

Beach volleyball is a great sport to enjoy at the beach or one of the local sandpits (Santi’s anybody!?). Not only is it summer-friendly, but it will also help maximize your speed and strength. Think of how many times you jump, run, or rotate your body to perform a serve and win the game. According to Livestrong, “45 minutes of volleyball burns up to 585 calories, resulting in significant weight loss over an extended period of time. This reduces the risk of hypertension, heart disease, and diabetes.” Get ready to have fun and burn calories in the process!

5. Trail Running

Trail running is the perfect workout for people who love to run and perform cardiovascular activities. It’s a great way to venture off of the pavement and enjoy a more calm and scenic run. Trails with an incline will tone your glutes, quads and build core strength.

Trail running is also a great way to challenge the body. When you’re used to performing your workout indoors or running on flat surfaces, the body is likely to adapt. Trail running gives the body an extra boost the muscles might be missing out on.

6. HIIT The Track

Since you’re already invested in your fitness, then you already know that High-Intensity Interval Training takes your training and fat loss to the next level. The best part? A HIIT workout is typically performed in about 20-40 minutes (because it’s so intense), so you can take your HIIT routine to the nearby track for a fun outdoor challenge!

7. Take Your Yoga Outside

Yoga is a great outdoor activity that can challenge the body and ease the mind. Ditch your mat and perform Yoga with some friends in the grass; performing Yoga outside takes away the controlled environment that you can often get in an indoor mat class.

After performing your favorite style of Yoga, wander off to a relaxing spot, sit for a minute, and let the benefits of Yoga soak in. This is the perfect opportunity for you to tune into your body and meditate.

8. Swimming

Swimming is a great way to get in touch with nature, challenge the body with an all-over workout, and cool down. This summer favorite tones the body, boosts metabolism, and burns massive calories, so what’s not to love?

If you love challenging your body and getting a great cardio workout, swimming is about to become your new favorite summer workout.

9. Beach Workouts

Get some of your favorite people together and head to the beach for a nice outdoor adventurous workout. Grab some minimal equipment, such as cones, ladders, slam balls, and head out towards the water. The sand provides an off-balance surface that allows you to work on your coordination, balance, and agility while using equipment like slam balls to help to increase strength. Even better, if you bring some friends along, you can make it a partner workout.

Don’t forget to do a full-body dunk in the ocean before the workout ends… if you don’t get wet at a Beach workout, does it even count?

Interested in learning how your in the gym fitness can help your out of gym fitness get to the next level? Click HERE and schedule a call with a coach today!

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