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All-In-One Stir Fry

Ever tried Coconut Aminos?

This is the soy-free healthy equivalent to soy sauce, and in my opinion, even tastier!
With 60% less sodium than soy sauce, this gmo-free, aged organic coconut tree sap is a great additive to many types of food including fish (especially tilapia), any sautéed vegetables (especially broccoli + minced garlic for a real asian cuisine), rice or rice noodles, chicken, and whatever else you can come up with. 🙂
You should find this delicious condiment at your local Whole Foods or online (Amazon or Thrive Market).

Here is one of my favorite recipes and personal creations that include all of your macronutrients in one dish, using coconut aminos as the main ingredient for best flavor and added juiciness.

“All-In-One Stir Fry”

4 oz rotisserie chicken breast (skin & fat removed)
2 oz sweet potato
2 oz russet or white potato
1/2 cup broccoli chopped
1 small-medium zucchini
1 tsp olive oil
2-3 tbsp of coconut aminos
pinch coriander seasoning *optional
pinch garlic salt
pinch pepper


1. Pour 1 tsp olive oil in a non-stick skillet
2. Spiralize zucchini and potatoes, and chop up broccoli
3. Place broccoli, zucchini, and potatoes in the pan and cook until for about 8 minutes until ingredients have began to soften
4. Shred chicken and add to stir-fry
5. Continue to cook and stir everything for about 3-4 minutes before adding coconut aminos. Add any extra seasonings if preferred.
7. Put on a plate and enjoy it while it’s hot!

If you want to prep this into more meals, double or triple the ingredients and separate into tupperware. To add protein, I’d recommend adding a fried egg or more chicken. For more fat, I’d recommend adding 1/2 avocado.

P.S. If you’re looking to up your overall health and fitness, want to learn more about nutrition, maybe even experiment with a customized meal plan catered to your specific nutritional needs…check out our 4-week Fit Body Challenge, which provides all of this and more. 🙂

Bon Appétit,

Coach Anja

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    April 8, 2017