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Monday 11/11

Frequency Fitness Mount Pleasant – CROSSFIT WORKOUT OF THE DAY

A. 15 Minute EMOM
1st – 5 Bench Press
2nd – 16 DB Alternating One-Arm OH Lunges
3rd – Rest

*May increase weight on bench as technique remains

B. 15 Minute AMRAP
Buy in… 50 DB Floor Press w/hips elevated

2 Man Makers
150m Run
20 Double-Unders

*Every round, increase Man Makers by 2
*Score rounds and reps completed

Frequency Fitness Mount Pleasant – METCON WORKOUT OF THE DAY

30 Minute AMRAP
“Feeling Lucky”
100 DB Strict Press / P2 Planks
50 Burpee Squat Tuck Jumps
100 TRX Bicep Curls / P2 Planks
50 Squat Clean Thrusters
100 TRX Tricep Extensions / P2 Planks
50 DB Pop Squats

*In Teams of 2
*During designated portions of the workout, resting partner is holding a plank
*Partners alternate reps as they see fit
*Score rounds and reps completed