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Let’s Talk Breakfast

Its really early (like after 5:30am workout early), so I wanted to share MY thoughts on breakfast.

Which are not everyone’s thoughts…just my own.

Is it the most important meal of the day?
NO. Why? Because all the meals you eat during the day are important. It’s unrealistic to say it is the most important, eat healthy in the morning and then just “not worry” about all of the other meals.

Do you have to eat breakfast?

Is Cereal a good option?

If you eat 3 meals a day, breakfast should be treated as 33% of your intake, that’s a third of your daily intake of food, so you don’t want to neglect it.

Cereal, muffins, granola bars etc are not good choices of food – I can not see many of you eating them for dinner, so why for breakfast? Because it’s quick? Easy? Convenient? I see most of you prepping and cooking lunch and dinner which is not always easy or convenient…so why are you skimping on breakfast?

Because you cant be bothered.

Eggs and bacon, an omelette with some spinach, a good choice of  Greek yogurt, even a small amount of fruit are my go to choices, I have a real obsession with eating peanut butter with my eggs…seriously, try it!

I am a huge advocate of good quality bacon, it has protein in it without any carbs!

Breakfast excuses:

  • I am not hungry in the mornings
  • It takes too long
  • I do not have enough time in the morning
  • I have to get up at 6:00am

These are the excuses that come out of those people that kind of want to be in shape.

Those that really want to get in shape start cooking properly first thing in the morning. Starts their day off with a bang!

Yeah I know what you’re going to say, what about my granola with no carbs and skim milk that I got from Whole Foods?

Sure, it could be worse, you could be slamming back a Caramel Mocha Frap and a Chocolate donut but….

The issue that arises is that you’re missing a great opportunity to get in protein and some healthy fats.

In sum…

Do not miss a great opportunity, get up a little earlier… you lazy sod.