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Friday 1/10

Frequency Fitness Mount Pleasant – CROSSFIT WORKOUT OF THE DAY

A. Strength
A1) Hang Power Clean x5 Reps

  • Build to Moderate Load

A2) Dip Negative x5 Reps
F: Box Dip
P: Bar or Ring
S: Weighted Negative

  • 12min Clock
  • Score Hang Power Clean Weight

B. 10-8-6-4-2
Handstand Push-Up
Strict Pull-Up
Hang Power Clean

F: KB Z Press, Ring Row, Technique HPC
P: Kipping HSPU, Strict PU, 135/85
S: Strict HSPU, Strict C2B PU, 165/105

  • 12min Time Cap

Frequency Fitness Mount Pleasant – METCON WORKOUT OF THE DAY

20 Minute AMRAP
2 1/2 DB Devil Press
2 Twisting Hanging Knee Raises
2 Banded Fire-hydrants (each)

  • 200m Run every 5 minutes until time is up
  • Every round, add 2 reps to each movement

100 Push Ups (Only rest in the Plank)

  • Start with 10 ABMAT Sit-ups, every time you break, and finish*
  • If athlete chooses to go from the knees, they still must get into a tall plank position from the toes every time they rest
  • 8 minute time cap