“Last year I gained 7lbs in one week.”

“I’m not enjoying life if I’m restricting myself…”

“What if there are no healthy restaurants around me?”

“I mean it would just be disrespectful of me not to eat some of Aunt Becky’s cookies…”

“Ok it’s my second day- I’ve made it a whole 26 hours without eating unhealthy I definitely deserve this gelato cake!”

“I can’t believe I just ate that much food.”

“These calories don’t count, I’m not home!”

One or two of those phrases sound familiar? These are all thoughts we should be able to relate to when we suddenly *remember* our health while on vacation…just reading those lines give me anxiety!

This is why I am here today to give you some advice on how to be healthy while traveling and be able to enjoy all of those vacation days guilt-free.

First of all – be real with yourself. Figure out what your goals are before you go. If you’re actually serious about losing weight, and do NOT want to gain ANY lbs by ANY means, you’re going to have to be real with yourself and decide beforehand whether you’re going to stick to these goals while your on vacation or not.

If you know that you’re most likely going to gain a few pounds during this vacation and you don’t have any major weight loss or performance related goals right now, accept that fact and move on! If you’re going on vacation to enjoy yourself, enjoy yourself. Don’t restrict yourself to the point where you’re having to fight mental battles with yourself every day. But again, it all comes back to your goals and what kind of lifestyle you want to live.

Now that we’ve covered that, for some real tips on how to actually know how to stay healthy while you travel, you can follow these tips to set you up for best success!

Tip #1: Prep what you can

Protein powder and protein bars (whole food protein bars) are probably some of the best things you can bring, and easy to transport. Healthy snacks are getting easier and easier to find these days, even at the airport. I know you might be thinking “well what if the airport confiscates my protein powder because it looks like drugs?!” Ok well first of all, don’t try to hide it. Don’t stick it down your pants or up your butt- this WILL most likely cause you problems…in many ways. But from personal experience bringing protein powder across the country and even overseas, I have never had issues getting it through security at the airport.

Tip #2: Make healthy choices

We both know you’re not stupid when it comes to deciding whether a bag of chocolate covered pretzels are healthy or not. Once again remember your goals. I’d recommend looking up menus of any restaurants you’re going to ahead of time so there aren’t any surprises when you get there like “oh, didn’t realize this whole restaurant was all fried food! hehe oops!”

You may have noticed that when you get to a restaurant and you’re starved or hear what everyone else is ordering, some bad impulse decisions might end up being made that are not in your body’s best interest. When everyone else might be ready to order when you’re still not can also be stressful and lead to a bad last minute decision.

Tip #3: Exercise

If you have time for a workout, or if you’re at a hotel with a gym, workout! If you don’t have time for a workout, it probably means you’re up moving around a lot which is good (by the way, snoozing and taking 2 hours to get out of bed does not constitute “not having time”). By getting up just a little bit earlier and exercising in the morning will get your metabolism going for the day and will all around give you a better and more energetic day. It’s hard to plan your day when you’re on vacation, so trying to plan an evening workout is merely impossible, plus you’re not very likely to actually follow through with that plan after a whole day of vacationing.

Tip #4: Grocery Shop

Find a local grocery store nearby if you can, especially if you’re staying with relatives or somewhere with a kitchen. And don’t be afraid to tell these relatives or whoever you’re staying with “hey, I’m healthy! so I bought some breakfast stuff that I’m planning on making” Honestly, they’ll probably be happy because you’re saving them money, and you’ll make them even happier if you make breakfast for them as well! This is a perfect opportunity and way to express your thanks to someone you’re staying with.

Tip #5: Treat Yourself! (with respect)

Eat healthy because you’re happy to treat your body to some good nutrients, some good fuel to keep you energized during busy days, and because you love yourself. If you’re going to treat yourself to dessert- you better be doing that because you love yourself too. Don’t go on vacation and feel bad about every unhealthy thing you eat. That’s a sure way to ruin any vacation. So go out, remember the power of you, and remember that by eating healthy you’re not restricting yourself, you’re being good to yourself. 🙂

Thanks and have a great vacay!


Coach Anja

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