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Change- Like it or Not


Believe it or not, I have been struggling these past few weeks. My workout routine has been rocked a little bit, I decided to change up my meal plan, summer events and holidays are going on and the list could go on forever. This has made me really down on myself, second guessing things, contemplating if the things I do are right for me.

But, I recently decided that everything…literally everything I am doing is right. But what’s wrong is in between my ears. I hate change. I am human right? Humans don’t like anything new or uncomfortable. Not only do humans hate change, but we’re weird.

I stumbled upon a blog the other day and here’s what I read.

There was this scientific experiment a few years back. People were shown a pair of tickets with face value $200. They we’re given the tickets and asked if they’d exchange them for $200. The people declined.

Then later another group, the same. But they we’re given the $200. Asked if they’d like to exchange for the tickets (face value $200). The people this time… also declined.

What we can see here is people value what they have, despite any logical judgement to what actually is more valuable. The experiment made no sense, surely to keep hold of something would mean that was the more valuable…

Anyway, when you match that with how people hate change. It perfectly describes human nature.

They hate change. They hate accepting the fact that they value what they’re currently doing. Even if it doesn’t bring them any tangible results. They’ll still keep doing it.

So what I am really trying to get at is this…..I get it, you like your workout routine and you don’t really want to change it.

Nor do you want to swap it for another, because you deem yours to be of more valuable than any others.

IF you’re getting results, AWESOME! Keep it up!

But, if you’re not. It’s time for change. Uncomfortable or not. And I need to take my own advice from time to time. Uncomfortable means change, and as crappy as it may feel…change means growth!