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Weight Loss

“Work hard, play hard.” Does this motto sound familiar? You put in long hours at the office, still manage to make it to the gym and crush your workouts all week long. Happy hour rolls around…. The weekend finally arrives! Time to celebrate your awesomeness by downing a brew… or even a few. What’s the harm? Truthfully? Maybe more than you think. Occasionally indulging in a beer, for most of us, is just a fact of life. It’s gonna happen. And no, it’s usually not a big deal. You probably won’t

If you’re one of those people that think working out is a chore, you may never have attended a group fitness class. Group fitness classes make exercising fun and easy… and have many social benefits, too. Unlike exercising by yourself, where you have to come up with your own workout and nobody in the gym seems remotely interested in anything but themselves, a group fitness class is led by a qualified instructor who knows exactly how to mix it up and make it fun each and every time. You’ll find yourself

Summer BBQs are one of the surest signs that winter has finally surrendered and warm temperatures are here to stay. Who doesn’t love heading over to a friend's place to grill out and have a great time? However, if you find yourself partying too much or attending too many of these social BBQs, you'll notice that your healthy habits begin to deteriorate. Does that mean you have to stay locked up in the house all summer and avoid fun social gatherings at all costs? Not a chance

When it comes to exercise, anything you do to burn calories can result in losing fat. However, recent research with tried and true results has shown that there are certain exercises - and very specific ways of doing them - that can maximize fat loss. Do these and you'll burn fat long after your workout has ended.   Interval Training Interval training is popular for its fat shredding results. You exercise hard for a short time, recover by continuing to exercise at a very reduced pace, then ramp up the intensity once again.

Fitness boot camps are one of the best options available for people who need to have a little extra boost when it comes to getting healthy and moving forward with their weight loss goals. When a person thinks of “boot camp”, they envision a militaristic environment complete with a drill sergeant and army-style exercises. The truth is, if you need to take that first step in your fitness journey, a boot camp may be just the thing to get you started and on the right track. Here are the top 5