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Ever tried Coconut Aminos? This is the soy-free healthy equivalent to soy sauce, and in my opinion, even tastier! With 60% less sodium than soy sauce, this gmo-free, aged organic coconut tree sap is a great additive to many types of food including fish (especially tilapia), any sautéed vegetables (especially broccoli + minced garlic for a real asian cuisine), rice or rice noodles, chicken, and whatever else you can come up with. :) You should find this delicious condiment at your local Whole Foods or online (Amazon or Thrive Market). Here is one of my favorite recipes

Main Course Pan Seared Salmon topped with Mango/Avocado/Lime Salsa Side Twice Baked Spinach and Garlic stuffed Sweet Potatoes Steamed Broccoli If you've got a little extra time on your hands, and maybe you've been planning on cooking something special for your significant other, or maybe you like cooking special things with your significant other, you can definitely put this one in your queue. :) You won't regret it

Picture this. The clock has just run out and you are now finished with your intense workout for the day. Now, the next clock has begun. You're ready to reach in your bag for the protein to feed your sore and tired muscles. Looking at the week ahead, you already know that you have some intense training ahead and you need to be sure that you are giving yourself every bit of proper fuel you can to help recover quickly. Try out a few of these top foods to aid in

Measuring Food Why is it important to determine the right amount of food in a serving size congruent to your meal plan or diet? Simple! If you eat too little, you could rob your body of the nutrients it needs to function properly, and if you eat too much, you could ingest too many calories leading to weight gain. When you’re trying to lose weight and you eat too little, your body goes into starvation mode and holds onto almost everything it can, storing a lot of that food as excess fat. Your

Are you one of those athletes that have noticed that you always do better in workouts that are "Task Orientated" rather than "Time Specific?"  (Go ahead, take a second to think about it and I'll explain)  "Task Orientated" workouts ask a pre-prescribed amount of work out of you. Meaning that once you've completed what is asked, you're done. No starting back front the top, no adding weight, no round two.  Most athletes excel at this style of workout because they can see a clear beginning and end.  We know these style of workouts as "FOR

In CrossFit (or any form of functional fitness) staying focused and keeping your eyes on the prize are two of the hardest things to do. In the beginning it's easy, you're in the honeymoon phase, and just happy to be along for the ride. As the results come in bunches, you start to become obsessed, but then you realize that there's just so much for you to be good at: Cardiovascular/respiratory endurance Stamina Strength Flexibility Power Speed Agility Balance Coordination Accuracy I mean is there even enough time in the day, how on

1. You're lifting too "light" Something thought to be reserved for those who are just starting out on their fitness journey (a.k.a. beginners), this deadly strength training sin can happen to just about anyone who isn't paying attention to what their body is saying to them. With generalized physical preparedness training (CrossFit), there are multiple stimulus / energy systems being trained simultaneously, and as a beginner, the hard part is knowing what you're capable of.  Truth is, beginners are usually very conscious of their heart rate and using proper technique when it comes

Caused by inflammation of the thick fascia tissues of the heels and underside of the foot, Plantar fasciitis is a common running / functional fitness injury and usually triggered by overuse of the feet during periods of heightened training. Sadly, roughly 10 percent of the adult population suffers from the condition, which usually causes exercise cessation. Compounded by the negative effects of improperly cooling down or exercising with poor form, plantar fasciitis can affect either one heel at a time (usually in the dominant foot), or both simultaneously. (In the functional fitness world, we usually

1. Warrior 1   Reach your left leg back and bend your right knee directly over your right ankle. Place your left foot flat at a 45-degree angle. Make sure your right ankle and foot are at a 90-degree angle (pointing forward) and that your right heel is aligned with your left heel. (People with ankle problems may lift the heel, and balance on the toes). Draw your right, outer hip back, and align your right thigh parallel to the ground. Lift your torso and arch your upper back slightly, raising arms overhead. Point fingers up