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You’ve probably heard it more than once: drinking more water will help you lose more weight. But does water really help weight loss? The short answer is yes. So today, I want to answer some of the most common questions I hear in regards to this liquid gold. 1. Can water help burn fat? It is not a magic bullet, no. However, staying fully hydrated (which is actually hard) while eating a healthy diet, exercising and getting enough rest will help you lose weight and keep it off, but simply drinking more

Alright, I know you are probably thinking, "Why the heck is she writing about hair?" "Isn't this a health, fitness and nutrition blog?" Why yes, yes it is! Post Murph a lot of you guys saw me sporting my locks sans hair tie. Long story short, you guys see me at least 5 or 6 days out of the week and this head of hair is wrapped up in some kind of pony tail or bun concoction. Truth is, the minute I step outside these doors, or am off for the

Guys, Believe it or not, I have been struggling these past few weeks. My workout routine has been rocked a little bit, I decided to change up my meal plan, summer events and holidays are going on and the list could go on forever. This has made me really down on myself, second guessing things, contemplating if the things I do are right for me. But, I recently decided that everything

How many of you, when trying to clean up your diet, revert to salads as a go to meal? I don't know why, but the salad has become the go to lunch entree for those of us who are trying to slim down, cut back on cals, or just be more health conscious. But, the scarier thing is what actually comes in those salads can have the sneakiest ingredients. Mostly they come in the form of fruits, cheeses, nuts, and the sneakiest of all

What's Up Everyone?! As my journey to becoming the best version of myself continues, I ran in to a fitness page on Facebook run by a lovely and knowledgeable English gentleman named James Smith. I have been very intrigued with his videos lately and it inspired me to put my thoughts down as well as share his video. Growing up, we see health and fitness magazines, TV shows, and now social media glorifying the idea and image of the perfect body. What do all of these professional athletes and models have in

Hey gang! We have officially wrapped our first Squad Goals meeting. I hope you all had a wonderful time getting together outside of class on a weeknight! I want to expand on the new squad goals meetings by diving in to how important it is to be a part of this group to keep you accountable to the goals you have set individually and as a group. You’ve set your goals…now what? What do you plan to do differently to ensure that you actually reach your goals? For most, change in your

Ever tried Coconut Aminos? This is the soy-free healthy equivalent to soy sauce, and in my opinion, even tastier! With 60% less sodium than soy sauce, this gmo-free, aged organic coconut tree sap is a great additive to many types of food including fish (especially tilapia), any sautéed vegetables (especially broccoli + minced garlic for a real asian cuisine), rice or rice noodles, chicken, and whatever else you can come up with. :) You should find this delicious condiment at your local Whole Foods or online (Amazon or Thrive Market). Here is one of my favorite recipes