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Are Fitness Boot Camps Worth it?

Are Fitness Boot Camps Worth it?

Fitness boot camps are one of the best options available for people who need to have a little extra boost when it comes to getting healthy and moving forward with their weight loss goals. When a person thinks of “boot camp”, they envision a militaristic environment complete with a drill sergeant and army-style exercises. The truth is, if you need to take that first step in your fitness journey, a boot camp may be just the thing to get you started and on the right track.

Here are the top 5 reasons to join the next boot camp in your area:



A well-designed boot camp like Charleston’s Best Boot Camp will be complete with the exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle education curriculum you need. Instructors will be equipped to answer your questions and give you everything you need to be successful. After 6 weeks, you will have all of the tools needed to make a lasting change in your life.



Individuals who lack motivation will love boot camp! Instructors are there to push the campers and help them understand that without motivation and dedication, they will not get the desired results. A great boot camp Instructor will learn what makes each person tick and what their reasons are for being there. These will be the motivational cues your boot camp Instructor will help you tap into to ensure you push through the difficult times and get the results you want.



Hiring a personal trainer can be quite expensive. An hour with a personal trainer can cost between $75 and $150, depending on what the hour includes. A fitness boot camp will generally be priced around $150 to $200 for a 4-6 week program! If you’re training 3x/week, in addition to getting bonus workouts you can do at home, you’ll only pay $8-10 per hour.



In a boot camp like Charleston’s Best Boot Camp, individuals not only have the support of their Instructors, but also other boot campers. The community aspect of a boot camp means everyone is ‘in it together’ and ensures individuals are held accountable to their success. The temptation to skip a workout when you’re going to the gym alone is very different when a group of people are expecting you to be there – and they’re making sacrifices to be there along with you. The community-based fitness model that boot camps provide is a proven formula for success.



One unique aspect that boot camps offer over traditional personal trainers is they have the capability of offering several different types of workouts. Most personal trainers only work in the gym and must use the machines within the gym. Boot camps are fantastic for using functional exercises (not machines) to get in shape. The key to effective and sustained weight loss is not allowing the body to become accustomed to one type of exercise or activity. Boot camps teach campers how to continually change their routines so the body does not fall into a pattern and avoids the dreaded fitness “plateau”!


Lastly – fitness boot camps are FUN! For those who thrive in this type of environment, it can be a life changing experience that will offer benefits for several years to come.


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