“Work out first thing in the morning – then what should get done gets done.”
— Larry King
“Health is your wealth. Without it, you have nothing.”
— Robin Sharma
So here are the 7 reasons to exercise in the morning.
  1. As Larry King suggested, if you work out early, it just gets done. Otherwise, it’s so easy to come up with excuses not to work out as your day unfolds (hungry/tired/stressed out/need to go home to my family/tomorrow will be a better day to do it).
  2. By working out in the morning, you actually jump-start your metabolism and start up your fat-burning engine within. So your workout has an even greater impact and more leverage.
  3. By working out in the morning, you’ll make better choices around your diet (isn’t that true?… when we feel fit, we eat better).
  4. The burst of energy that an early morning workout provokes will sustain you and keep you energized all day. It also increases your stamina.
  5. The endorphin rush that your morning workout generates makes you feel happy – which carries through each of your day’s remaining hours (that alone is worth it; there IS a “secret” to happiness. Cost: a pair of workout shoes).
  6. An early morning workout burns off your stress. And it increases your perspective. Problems just don’t seem as big. And creativity soars. You can handle the day with far greater focus, resilience to change, and calmness.
  7. The morning workout will help you to think more clearly. As the best business people are those who are the best thinkers (and decision-makers).
There you have it – 7 amazing reasons to get up early and work out in the morning.

A simple idea that just might revolutionize your career as well as your life.

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