6 Reasons To Do Friday Night Lights

6 Reasons To Do Friday Night Lights

1. Experience “The High” of Competition

Maybe you weren’t the athletic kid growing up, maybe team sports weren’t exactly your thing, but what about now? With so many of us never feeling what it was like to compete in sports during our childhood, this is the perfect chance for an adrenaline rush.

The feeling of going head to head with your peers on a physical playing field is one that must be experience first hand, and what better place to step outside of your comfort zone than within the familiar walls of Frequency Fitness.

Bottom Line = Competition (even if it’s against yourself) is progress!

2. Meet Your Fellow FREQS

We all know this place is so much more than just a gym. At Frequency we know each other’s first name, we cheer for each other, but what about the FREQS on a completely opposite schedule than you?

(The one’s you’ve never met before)

Get to know the early risers, the night owls, and the weekend warriors. Friday Night Lights is pretty much one big mixer, full of all the people whom you share at least one very common interest!

Bottom Line = Make some new friends, it’s good for you!

3. Break Through Mental and Physical Barriers

Can’t do double unders? Never touched your toes to the bar before? Don’t know what any of those things are?

Well, get ready to be amazed!

Friday Night Lights has a way of drawing us all out of our self imposed shells and showing us what we’re truly capable of. Plus, there is no cherry picking at FNL. Those movements that we may subconsciously (or not so subconsciously) avoiding won’t be denied and we’ll be tasked with facing them head on!

Bottom Line = If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.

4. You’re signing up for two weeks of challenging yourself, proving your courage, and just having a blast!

When you sign up for Friday Night Lights, you’ll get way more than you bargained for. The celebration features teams, themes, entertainment, the infamous spirit of the games award, and a friendly rivalry for the team cup.

(Actually it’s a Kettlebell)

At Friday Night Lights, there’s never a dull moment.

Bottom Line = It’s the coolest fitness festival in town, and you’re invited!

5. Because you ARE Good Enough

The beauty is that Friday Night Lights is truly for everyone.

There’s functional, performance, and sport variations of all the workouts.

Bottom Line = Re-write the story in you’re telling yourself in your head. You can do this, we won’t let you fail 🙂

6. You’ll Inspire Others

No matter which end of the fitness spectrum you currently find yourself on, I guarantee that if you pour your heart out into each week’s workout, people will take notice!

You may actually find out that you’ll have your very own cheering section. Friday Night Lights is further proof that we all WANT each other to succeed!

Bottom Line = Pay it forward!

Don’t wait any longer, deadline to sign up is next Wednesday!

Register here ==>

See you at the gym,


Riley Phelps
Riley is the General Manager and Head Coach at Frequency Fitness.
He loves coaching & mentoring, working out, and taking long walks on the beach with endangered puppies he has rescued.

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