3 of the Best Fat Burning Kettlebell Exercises

3 of the Best Fat Burning Kettlebell Exercises

3 of the Best Fat Burning Kettlebell Exercises

Are you looking for a way to spice up your at home workouts without breaking the bank? There are plenty of very effective at home workouts that you can do with little to no equipment at all. One of the best ways to spice up these at home workouts is to add a kettlebell!

The kettlebell is a great and inexpensive tool you can add to your at home workouts. You can find them in a variety of weights and can be used anywhere.

Below are three of the best workouts you can do at home with a kettlebell to increase your fat burning.

Kettlebell Swing

The kettlebell swing is a very basic movement that can be modified several ways to make the movement more difficult. One of the best ways to begin with this movement would be with the Russian Swing, which is swinging the Kettlebell to eye level. One way make this movement more difficult would be to do one arm kettlebell swings or to move into the American swing, which is taking the kettlebell all the way overhead.

Goblet Squat

One of the best ways to increase the intensity of your air squat, is to add a kettlebell to it! By taking the kettlebell and holding it, you can add some intensity to your workouts. This movement can also be varied by adding tempo to your squats, or holding the kettlebell in a different way.

The KB Deadlift

The deadlift is a great movement for working both your back as well as your hamstrings. This can be used as a great tool to add some strength training into your fat burning workouts!


So if you are looking for a way to change up your at home workout routine, try adding in a kettlebell or even a dumbbell for the exercises listed above!

Here is a sample workout of how you can add these workouts into your routine.

10 Minute AMRAP
40 Mountain Climbers

10 KB Deadlifts

10 Burpees

10 KB Swings

10 Goblet Squats

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